Does Micro Niche Finder Really Work?

March 23, 2013

by Michelle Roan on March 23, 2013

Does Micro Niche Finder Deliver?

And will it work for You?  This article offers you a comprehensive review of Micro Niche Finder, detailing its free tutorial videos, user interface, strengths and weaknesses, and allows you to decide finally whether or not it’s worth your click.

Just looking for the Official Micro Niche Finder Website?

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micro niche finder, video imageKudos to the developer here for offering free videos detailing this software’s use–inexchange for signing up for their Micro Niche Finder newsletter.  Not a bad trade off.  The video narrator had a distinct southern accent, more endearing than distracting to our midwestern ears.  Also useful were the 4 separate themed clips on 4 profit stream strategies this developer reveals pre-purchase: 1) Create Simple 1 Page Sites for Affiliate Offers, 2) Exploit Amazon for Easy Affiliate Commissions, 3) Create & Sell Niche Market Private Label Rights Packages, 4) Find “Type In Traffic” Keywords for Passive Revenue Streams.


plus signWe particularly liked the pleasing appearance of the software: the alternating row colors kept our eyes relaxed and focused on the content delivered, and the supporting graphics made good visual sense, both of which made the learning curve quick so we could dive in and start profitting off of unique niches.

minus sign

Maybe it’s just us, but it took us a bit to memorize/get comfortable with categories and acronyms that are used in the software.  But since they are so important, we caught on in not too much time.


Here’s what just two of the reviews from have to say:

blonde, computer, micro niche finder“Using this software, I was able to find profitable niches in the arts and entertainment, cooking, games, and self help markets.  I also found a particularly profitable niche in the sports market.  Micro Niche Finder is not only a great product, but in my opinion is a necessary purchase for the online marketer.”

“Before, I would spend countless hours manually doing research and missing out on keywords and niches.  With this software, research has never been so easy.  The thing I like most is the easy to understand interface….the price is also very fair…what’s not to like about the Micro Niche Finder?”

Check out to see more of what folks say about the friendly, intuitive, and fun to use layout and tool set.


blonde in hammock, micro niche finderOur experience closely follows the reviews of hundreds of users: finding creative, insightful, and potentially very lucrative keywords may not be a new marketer’s forte, but is certainly the  specialty of Micro Niche Finder.

At the reasonable pricepoint of $99.99, with their no-questions-asked-money-back for 60 days promise, and the confidence of buySAFE’s certified guarantee, there is no risk in trying this unique software.

Online Marketing need not be tedious and difficult….


Click this Link to go directly to Micro Niche Finder’s official, safe website–and let Micro Niche Finder find you the best, unknown niches for your profit NOW.


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Micro Niche Finder Download NOW!

October 10, 2013

by Michelle Roan on October 10, 2013

Micro Niche Finder Download Page > >


With technological advancements, the popularity of the internet is only increasing and expanding. This popularity and widespread use has the ability to be profitable, if you know the markets with the most need. Micro Niche Finder software is specifically designed to uncover niche markets that are overlooked and could be extremely lucrative if monetized correctly. Instead of entering niche markets with high levels of competition and low success rates, you can enhance your odds of making money by integrating untapped niche markets. This niche finder software is innovative and unlike anything else on the market.

micro niche finder downloadThis micro niche software is a type of SEO software that can be used to increase your visibility online and gain you recognition by search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. If you want online users to be aware of your presence in a niche market, you must have high rankings within Google. Being far down the list on results pages will only leave you invisible to online users. However with the use of micro niche finder software, you can stand out from the competition and capitalize on your untapped niche market. These under-the-radar markets are just waiting for you to swoop in and jump to the top in search engine rankings!

Micro niche finder software has wide ranging benefits that can be used in many different ways to increase your online success. Not only can you identify untapped niche markets, but you can also locate profitable affiliate programs that you can join to increase your profitability immensely. The unique index software allows you to quickly determine the strength of competition within any market. This is a great tool, because now you can be informed before jumping into a niche with stiff competition.  You will no longer have to waste time in niche markets that are impossible to break through. This will allow you to focus on markets that are hidden, but can be turned into a profit.

micro niche finder downloadShe knows about Micro Niche Finder, you can just tell.

There are many different features of this micro niche finder software that make it versatile and convenient to use. All of your keyword search results can be stored and made easily accessible for future viewing. All software updates are also automatically installed, which ensures that your software is always running up to speed and producing reliable results. This software can be the tool you need to locate the online markets that are best for you to pursue.

Download Micro Niche Finder TODAY

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